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Let's get smithing!

Brewing Bag

These 1 gallon (5 litres) kits are perfect for beginners, intermediates and true alesmiths alike, It includes all the ingredients you need and some equipment. You can even add extra ingredientssee below for breakdown

Each kit uses high quality ingredients, a specialised yeast for that style of beer and comes in sealed packaging.

Need more Equipment?

Need a fermentation bucket, bottle caper or other equipment? See our equipment page or below for more details.

Ale Smithing Homebrew Beer Kit

The kit produces 8 bottles of ale. Being 1 gallon makes it easy to store in the smallest apartments and cheaper for you.

Sometimes these bags will have extras depending on the kit 

or you can add your own! 


Make Mine A...

Make Mine A allows you to customize your kit to get more out of it.

Whether you want more hops, equipment or a clearer brew we can help you out.

This can even increase the amount of ale you can make by choosing extra malt, or just make it even more flavourful.

*These are a singular addition, order multiple to go with multiple kits*