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Bruin Bear Ale

  • Want a dark beer that is not too heavy? Bruin Bear ale is what you require. It is bitter with a slight sweetness and full after taste. Best left in the bottle for a long time to properly fizz up, once this is done it has a good head.


    This history of brown ale is one of ups and downs. While the term originates from the 1700s, it was only by the first half of the 1900s it rose in popularity but it had shrunk to relative obscurity by the time of the millennium. The style of it changed quite a bit, some look almost like a stout while others are amber in colour, some are sweet while others more bitter and they can be in a huge range of alcoholic content. There is a lot more to brown ales than the simple name lets on.


    Bruin Bear Ale should come out about 5-6%, don’t worry if yours is slightly different so long as it tastes good.

  • Supplied with kit

    1 Large Grain Muslin bag. 

    2 Sterillising Tablets

    Sticker sheet

    Supplied with starter kit

    Fermentation bucket



    Air Lock

    Required (not supplied)

    Measuring Jug



    Pot of a minimum 6 litres volume


    8 500ml bottles