The knock-on bottle capper is a tool for attaching crown caps to glass bottles. It requires a little force and care but is a very easy tool for capping.

Instructions for using the Knock-on Bottle Capper


Before starting you will need

  • A Knock-on Bottle capper
  • Crown bottle caps
  • A rubber mallet [DO NOT USE A METAL HAMMER]
  • Bottles, reusing old bottles is fine but make sure they are cleaned.

You want to use this equipment on a soft surface like a wooden table, not a hard surface like a marble worktop.

  1. Place the bottle cap level on the top of the bottle.
  2. Place the metal part of the Knock-on capper over the bottle cap, make sure the cap remains level once you have done this.
  3. Hammer the centre of the metal part strongly but not with excessive force.
  4. If you feel the need hammer around the edge of the capper.
  5.  Remove the knock-on capper, it may feel stuck on so gently move it around and it will come off.
  6. Your bottle is now capped!


You may also like to buy some crown bottle caps with this product.

Killner Knock-on Bottle Capper