Mum's Mumme

  • Unique is often used as a dirty word which is a shame as unique beers can be so enjoyable. The beans in a Mumme beer add a flavour like no other, and must be tried. This is a great brew for those who like dark and heavy ale but wish to try something different.


    Mumme has it’s origins in Germany, more specifically the city of Braunschweig though the exact date is debated ranging from early 1300 to late 1400. The name comes from the alleged first brewer of the ale Christian Mumme. One very unusual feature of Mumme is it features beans to bulk up the recipe, the styling of it seems to encourage an anything in your cupboards recipe. The cannellini beans must be soaked the night before making this kit!


    Mum’s Mumme should come out about 6%, don’t worry if yours is slightly different so long as it tastes good.

  • Supplied with kit

    1 Large Grain Muslin bag. 

    2 Sterillising Tablets

    Sticker sheet

    Supplied with starter kit

    Fermentation bucket



    Air Lock

    Required (not supplied)

    Measuring Jug



    Pot of a minimum 6 litres volume


    8 500ml bottles