Logger's Pine Lager

  • Logger's Lager uses fresh pine with should be used within a month of purchase.


    A light refreshing lager with an interesting extra ingredient to spice up the taste. Ale lovers can often give lager a bad name but it can have just as much variety as ale.


    There are two very important parts to the history of Lager. One is the development of bottom fermenting yeast, unlike ale yeast which is top fermenting. They date back to Nuremberg in the 14th century, the cold storage of their beer caused top fermenting yeast to die but bottom fermenting to survive and thus was harvested again. The second was the development of malts. Beers before would either use darker malts or simply what was on hand, but new techniques allowed them to make a larger variety on mass. Although pale ales weren’t unknown before this made mass production much easier and allowed more experimentation which helped result in lager.


    Loger’s Pine Ale should come out about 4-5%, don’t worry if yours is slightly different so long as it tastes good.

  • Supplied with kit

    1 Large Grain Muslin bag. 

    2 Sterillising Tablets

    Sticker sheet

    Supplied with starter kit

    Fermentation bucket



    Air Lock

    Required (not supplied)

    Measuring Jug



    Pot of a minimum 6 litres volume


    8 500ml bottles