Shipwright's IPA

  • A light hoppy ale perfect for a summer’s day, even if our weather isn’t quite as warm as in India. This recipe is based on 1800s style IPA creating a strong flavour that is smooth and not too heavy.


    IPA does not have the clearest of histories, when exactly the drink was invented is disputed and made more unclear by the term “Indian Pale Ale” not being coined till some time later. This of course leads to confusion in that what we may consider an IPA was not always labelled as such. However it was the 1800s when the beer became prominent as an export for the middle class, the lower class generally drunk porters. It is a common misconception that IPA was very alcoholic to survive the long trip, but it was actually a weaker beer than many common ones at the time. The high hop content is what helped it survive the trip though IPA wasn’t exclusive in it’s high hop content. People certainly have a lot of misconceptions about IPA’s history, but in the end it is the taste that matters.


    Shipwright’s IPA should come out about 6%, don’t worry if yours is slightly different so long as it tastes good.

  • Supplied with kit

    1 Large Grain Muslin bag. 

    2 Sterillising Tablets

    Sticker sheet

    Supplied with starter kit

    Fermentation bucket



    Air Lock

    Required (not supplied)

    Measuring Jug



    Pot of a minimum 6 litres volume


    8 500ml bottles