Our Year - 2018

Another year gone and Ale Smithing Homebrew continues to grow. Our goals of expanding have been successful this year, while also keeping interest up in what we were already doing. Hopefully this can continue well into the New Year, but we intend to carefully consider the direction the company should go in.

Hops were probably our biggest growth area this year. We saw a massive rise in sales, more than tripling what we sold last year. With this we have brought in more varieties, some of which we haven’t introduced to our line up yet. Our plants have managed to keep selling through Autumn and Winter which has been a huge surprise to us. With more plants propagated now we hope this is an area that can keep expanding for us.

Our kits have done very well again this year. We’ve introduced many more varieties and seen success with all of them. Saison was the first new kit we introduced, our first to use Belgian yeast. There was concern this taste might not appeal to enough people, but it has been a very popular kit since it has been introduced. Pale Unicorn Ale was meant to fill more of a novelty role, while still being an enjoyable pale ale. The kit comes with a special ingredient that means your ale will literally glitter. It has sparked a lot of interest just from how different it is. Our last two new kits were introduced at Christmas. Jolly Juleøl Christmas and Merry Smithmas. We wanted to have Christmas beers that appealed to multiple kinds of people, and this does seem to have been a popular decision.

Next year we plan to expand our selection again. Exploring types of beer people may have not had along with more novelty kits. It wasn’t just our new kits that were successful this year, our older selection has been able to keep up in sales. We plan to improve these kits over time, along with the package we provide.

But it isn’t just kits and hops we do. We have a wide selection of various homebrewing goods, and have seen an increased interest in them. This is an area we want to carefully expand in, as we want to provide the goods everyone is actually looking for.

Next year we once again want to try and take the company in new directions. The competition for homebrewing is steadily growing so we want to find and fill areas others may not be able to do. Hops have been one of these areas but we are sure there are more niches to fill.

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