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The ancient art of Ale Smithing

-   ABOUT US  -

Ale Smithing Homebrew is the project I started to try and get people to relearn all grain brewing like we did in the past. Through many factors like urbanisation people gave up making their own alcohol, not helped by laws disallowing it. This means the idea of making your own beer can be confusing and foreign to many people when really it is no different from baking a cake, it’s actually a lot easier!   For a similar price you can make something of store bought quality if not better but more than that you can have fun experimenting and doing it.

My name is Paul Morgan. I became interested in homebrewing at university, because like many I had no money. My flatmate and I bought a kit and were amazed at the quality and this carried on after finishing university. Rather than actually using that degree I decided I’d start my own homebrewing business.

But I want people to do more than just pour a can into a bucket, you can do real all grain homebrewing in your kitchen, even if it is a tiny flat! That is why I developed my own recipes into the brew bag kits, the muslin bags make the process much easier and the 1 gallon size means you can store the kit anywhere. All it takes is 3 hours of your time and you’ll have a bucket of brew bubbling away. You can also experience older recipes that have gone out of fashion but never should have.