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The ancient art of Ale Smithing

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Ale Smithing Homebrew's goal is getting people deeply involved with brewing again. Homebrewing is becoming incredibly popular, as people look to save some money and really learn what is in their food.

But it shouldn't just stop at brewing you own, nothing beats growing the ingredients yourself. Fresh hops will absolutely transform your beer. Also giving it truly unique qualities as they were grown in your garden.

My name is Paul Morgan. I became interested in homebrewing at university, because like many I had no money. My flatmate and I bought a kit and were amazed at the quality and this carried on after finishing university. Rather than actually using that degree I decided I’d start my own homebrewing business.

Now I want to help others make fresh homebrew that will astonish their mates.

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We'd love to see you and have a chat. If you plan to visit then please.

Email us to confirm a time and date:


Then purchase your plants and select free collection at checkout.

We'll pick and tidy your plants so they're ready when you arrive!

You can find us at:

The Glen

Stone House Lane



SY14 8BQ

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