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How long should you keep your Homebrew?

Storing your homebrew is very important, you put so much effort in it is a real shame to not get the best out of it so keep these tips in mind. A comical but real issue people worry about is will my homebrew explode if I leave it too long? Put simply it is incredibly unlikely, you are much more likely to drop a bottle than have one actually explode on you. The one thing that puts you at serious risk of explosion is weak, cheap or old glass as they can’t take as much pressure. But even then, unless there is an incredibly high amount of sugar to ferment in your beer it is still unlikely. In addition, if your beer is stored in a cold environment then your yeast will be mostly dormant anyway. Th

Homebrewing in apartments and other small living spaces

Large scale homebrewing is difficult for many people, the space required alone makes it near if not actually impossible for many. This was part of the reasoning in developing our kits, being 1 gallon they are easy for any apartment or small living space. The largest piece of equipment you need is a stock pot that can take over 1 gallon (5 litres). You could attempt to do the kit in multiple smaller pots but we suggest you don’t for the best ale. Apart from that there is no nonstandard or particularly large kitchen equipment you need. This is unless you lack a cooker of some kind, if so a hotplate is a perfect replacement. You still want to use a clean kitchen surface to work on especially in

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