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How to Maintain your Homebrewing Equipment

In past articles we’ve mentioned in passing how important it is to maintain your equipment. It is one of the easiest places to trip up with homebrewing as a very small and easy to fix mistake can ruin your whole brew. Before starting your homebrew check over all of your equipment, don’t feel embarrassed about being pedantic and check everything. The most obvious point is to make sure all your equipment is sterilized, this is easy enough to do with some sterilization tablets like what comes with our kits. But this only kind of issue your equipment may have. A lot of modern homebrew equipment may require a power supply, whether that is being plugged in or from a battery. Obviously with so much

How to make sure your Homebrew never explodes

The one thing people always dread with homebrew is a bottle or bucket exploding everywhere ruining your house but more importantly your beer. It is actually pretty rare that this will happen to you, even if you are pretty inexperienced but it is one of the main reasons people give up homebrewing. These tips will help you avoid such a mistake. One of the most important ways to avoid it is using a proper container. While recycling bottles and old demijohns is good, you must make sure that they are of high quality and have not becoming weak or brittle with age. Plastics also degrade over time so this isn’t just a problem with glass. If you use a plastic bucket like ours however you’d be more li

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