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The benefits of small scale homebrewing

A lot of people think homebrew has to be a large scale hobby, but really it is very easy to do even in a small apartment. But there are also many benefits to small scale brewing that even a frequent homebrewer may enjoy. So what are the advantages? The best reason is how much more opportunity you have to experiment. Making 60 Litres of beer is a pretty big commitment; it’ll take up a lot of space and require a lot of ingredients. With that much homebrew being produced experimenting is much more of a risk. What can you do with so much alcohol you don’t like? Bit of a waste really. Same issue if it goes bad or fails to ferment properly. Smaller scale homebrew allows you to do the same recipes,

Our First Full Year of Business

Technically we started in 2016, but 2017 has been our first full year of ale smithing and it makes for a better title. So now is a good time to look back over the, see what happened and give you some insight to our inner workings. 2017 has generally been a good year for us. We’ve seen a growth in sales over the months and a lot of repeat orders. So something must be right with the kits. We’d like to expand this audience of course but getting a solid customer base is important. We have seen the site, ebay store and offline store all do equally well. There were phases where each one saw the most orders, this suggests each has a purpose and a different appeal. One of the big changes came from

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Paul's home brew is history in the (re)making

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