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The effects of hot and cold temperatures on Homebrew

Temperature is incredibly important when it comes to homebrewing, it has an effect on pretty much every aspect at every stage so you do have to be very aware of it. Our kits come with instructions including what temperature is best at each stage, but here there will be more detailed explanation of each step. What is the actual effect temperature has on our homebrew? Heat is what helps stimulate reactions, which is all cooking really is. But you have to use the right temperatures to do this. In the cooking stages we want to bring out substances such as sugars from the malt or bittering agents from the hops. This makes it much easier for them to be absorbed into the liquid. But for both stages

How to experiment with homebrewing

Part of the fun with homebrewing is being able to experiment, create unique beers in your own fashion. Our kits offer a base you can work off to create new beers, with the Make Mine A add ons you can start making a range of unique brew. But it can also be a daunting task for new brewers, so here are some tips. First you need to remember, there are no wrong answers when it comes to experimenting. If you like your ale you have probably come across the most weird and experimental drinks. Sometimes you wonder why would anyone even make this? Well to someone it is good. Putting together honey, cinnamon and lavender doesn’t sound like a good idea on paper but maybe you’ll like it. This is why smal

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