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Pale Unicorn Ale, make a pale ale that will dazzle your friends

Today we have something very different for you, sparkling pale ale. No, literally sparkling not just fizz. Pale Unicorn ale has an extra special ingredient, lustre dust, that will make it glisten when you add it to the bottle. Or you could just leave it out and enjoy a refreshing pale ale, lustre dust doesn't affect the flavour. Lustre Dust is mainly used in baking, it is fine food safe dust. It is not made of sugar or other soluble ingredients. So it will not disappear if you leave the bottle standing for a long time. We do suggest you filter your ale while bottling for the best effect. So if you really want to impress people with your homebrewing skills, try and wow them with Pale Unicorn

Yeast – Attenuation, Flocculation and Alcohol tolerance

The ways yeast can affect your homebrew is near endless, especially with the variety of yeast we have available these days. And every part of the process has a knock on effect to another so the smallest change can have the largest of impacts. Two of these processes called Flocculation and Attenuation are commonly talked about together. But you shouldn’t forget aspects like alcohol tolerance which can have just as important an effect. Your homebrew is like a little ecosystem, so we need to be aware of hoe each part affects the other. Attenuation is a measurement of the percent of sugar that gets converted into alcohol. This will nearly always be over 60% converted, but that last 40% can cause

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