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Dwarf Hops/Hedgerow Hops : History of Prima Donna

Hops are incredibly big plants, they can easily shoot up a tree in the matter of a month. Though most will be happy on a medium sized trellis, if you want a more manageable hop then dwarf varieties are something you should look into. Most won’t grow higher than 3 meters yet they will still flower and can have a lot of breadth. We’re going to take a look at the first dwarf variety that was created, Prima Donna. It was originally known as First Gold, when it was developed by Horticulture research International at Wye College. First bread in 1985 it became commercially available in 1996. The reason for its smaller stature is to allow easy collection, hedgerows of the hop were grown instead of l

Adjuncts, what are they and why are they used?

Adjuncts are non-malt ingredients that are mostly used in a mash. Often this takes the form of unmalted grains, usually seen as a cost cutting measure. Many mass produced beers will use a lot of them giving adjuncts a bad name. But it can also take the shape of more unusual ingredients, ones that can add interesting properties to ale and sometimes are just as effective. So why are adjuncts used? The most common reason is a cost cutting measure. The process of turning grains into malt adds value, they are now a better source for sugars and everything else we want out of the grains. But grains are still an effective source, and they are much cheaper. Maybe the beer you are aiming to create is

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