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Why it is good to plant hops in the autumn

Most people want to plant stuff in the spring and summer, it is a reason to get outside after they have been ignoring their garden for half a year. But in many was autumn is a much better time to start planting, and this includes hop plants. If you are a brewer looking to grow your own now is the best time to buy and get the plants started. It might seem weird seeing as hops die back in the autumn, not sprouting again till spring so you’d be surprised to hear more experienced gardeners say this. But why is it better? First it gives the plants a head start and lets them establish early. Strong roots are the most important part of hops. While the stems will die back every year the roots will g

Yeast varieties: what makes them different?

These days there are a wide range of yeasts for homebrewers to use, it can even be a bit daunting. We are a far cry from when homebrewers had to use baker’s yeast because there was simply no market for small quantities of brewer’s yeast. But what exactly are the differences between these yeasts? First you have to understand what yeast is, a single celled organism which is classed as a fungus. It is useful for various cooking processes as it breaks down sugars creating new substances. This of course includes alcohol, but also esters which are a big part of why we have such a large range of smells and flavours. You may also get some yeast producing secondary compounds, which may be broken down

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