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Getting back into Homebrewing

Many people have tried homebrewing in the past, for some it was a one off experiment and others a hobby they were quite into a while ago. For whatever reason they stop, but the world of homebrewing keeps moving and advancing. Meaning it can appear daunting to get back into. Gone are the days of using bread yeast and whatever you could get your hands on, now a huge variety of equipment and ingredients are available commercially. We aim to make this process easier, showing nearly anyone can get into homebrewing easily and it doesn’t have to be on a large scale. So let’s go over getting back into homebrew. First, why do people stop homebrewing? For many they simply fall out of the habit, be tha

Pets, Children and hops

Something people worry about with any plant is how will it affect my animals? For the most part hops are safe, but for some smaller animals it can be harmful if they eat a lot. This is similar to many native species. Hops are vine-like plants, with large leaves and cone like flowers we call hops. The stems and leaves are completely harmless and the only thing they risk being eaten by is rabbits and slugs. You can decide for yourself if that is fortunate or not. It is the hops themselves which are the concern. They will generally grow on the higher parts of the plants, usually at least a metre up and in larger quantities as you go up. They produce very bitter spicy resin called lupulin, whic

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