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Getting back into Homebrewing

Many people have tried homebrewing in the past, for some it was a one off experiment and others a hobby they were quite into a while ago. For whatever reason they stop, but the world of homebrewing keeps moving and advancing. Meaning it can appear daunting to get back into. Gone are the days of using bread yeast and whatever you could get your hands on, now a huge variety of equipment and ingredients are available commercially. We aim to make this process easier, showing nearly anyone can get into homebrewing easily and it doesn’t have to be on a large scale. So let’s go over getting back into homebrew.

First, why do people stop homebrewing? For many they simply fall out of the habit, be that less free time or a lack of interest. This may also be because they have less space to store equipment or less money to buy some of the larger or rarer items. What I find is the most common is an accident while homebrewing. This is especially common for older homebrewers, often giving up after a demijohn exploded which can be quite a disaster. It is important then to tackle these issues for people getting back in, along with familiarising ourselves with what has changed.

But as many changes homebrewing has been through, you’ll notice that just as much has stayed the same. At its core homebrewing is the same process, certain equipment makes it easier and the quality is less compromised but if you understand the process then that knowledge it still very valuable. Malt is still soaked in the same way, hops are still added at the boil and your fermentation bucket still needs to sit in a warm area. This knowledge will help you jump back into brewing quicker than most new brewers.

The improvement of equipment and ingredients is one of the most helpful aspects. Anyone can now get specialised brewing equipment instead of making do. The ingredients used now are also Brewery quality, you don’t have to make do with alternatives. Our kits also offer this at a pretty low price, at £10 each making at least 8 bottles homebrewing is pretty cheap. This means the quality of the homebrew will be better, but the brewing will also be much easier and safer. You are much less likely to encounter exploding bottles

The advancements have also made it easier and less time consuming. The speed of actually brewing is something we can’t change, if the malt needs to be in the mash for 75 minutes that isn’t something which can be sped up. However everything around brewing is now much less time consuming. For example our brew bag kits have all the ingredients measured out, the only extra preparation we recommend is with yeast and certain kits. This also applies to the muslin bag which comes with it, allowing you to easily and quickly strain the malt without needing multiple containers to move it between. With small scale brewing being easier you’ll also find that cleaning is not as big a problem. Altogether this means you can spend more of your time brewing instead of the less interesting aspects.

Homebrewing has advanced to the stage where you can make high quality beers very easily. A lot of the more annoying aspects around it have been lessened or made easier. Meaning you can get right to the actual making, without spending too much.

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