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How to Homebrew safely

Homebrewing is a pretty low risk hobby, the most you really risk is putting on a few pounds. But there are always some simple precautions yo

American Ale Part 2– Lager to Craft Ale

Prohibition had ended, but the brewing industry had not come out of it well and many states took a while to change from “dry.” Small breweries had no way to survive, and with war looming new hardships were coming. But eventually America would start a craft brewing revolution. Although Americans could now legally buy beer again their options had become incredibly limited. The end to Prohibition meant that 31 breweries were set up by June of 1933, by 1934 it was 751. This seems like a lot, in fact the level of beer production was at pre-prohibition levels but there was big difference. Only half the number of breweries existed, meaning instead of a range of beers the market was being dominated

American Ale Part 1- Prohibition

America has a very difficult history with alcohol, despite now having over 4,000 micro-breweries it at one point had none (at least legally). This was called Prohibition, a national ban on any alcoholic beverage starting on the 16th of January 1920. While it didn’t properly stop alcohol consumption, it killed the legal business around it leading to black Market success Alcohol for a long time had a somewhat negative perception, even outside America and especially in some religious groups. This was true for the American Temperance movement, who beginning in 1826 started to push for many social reforms but notably for us their dry crusade. Although the group grew large little headway in bannin

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