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Mumme’s the word

One of our more unusual beers is mumme (also spelt mumm). It is one of our recipes based on a very old and now hard to find style, but once it was so common in Germany that dark beer in general was referred to as mumme. Like many beers it eventually fell out of style and now into obscurity but now you can once again try it with our kit. But what is mumme? A dark beer with some interesting ingredients which make it pretty unique. The one that really catches people’s eye is beans, yes beans. This compliments with the malty flavour without being sharp, sour or sweet. The beans are either added whole or as a powder and served as a substitute for grains. This helped when grain was short but unlik

More Homebrewing Safety Tips

A while ago I wrote about some useful homebrewing safety tips. Those mostly focused on equipment rather than action, so today I wish to give a few more safety tips on how to homebrew. There is one simple rule I like to promote, don’t ever push yourself if it creates a safety concern. One of the most important safety concerns with homebrewing is the gallons hot liquid, I touched on this last time as I thought it was so important but wish to go deeper here. With our kits only 1 gallon of water is required at a time, many choose to use much more but even our kits are a substantial amount of water. For placing the water in your pot it can easily be done in smaller separate jugs, but after boil w

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