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Are Dark Ales Really Heavier?

We commonly assume that a darker beer is going to be full bodied and probably not good for your diet. But this may not be so commonly true. First off, what actually makes a dark ale? Well the simple answer is dark malts, black and chocolate being very common varieties. But these can make up an incredibly small part of the recipe. Most will mainly be pale malt with maybe 5% dark. This is why some recipes, like ours, add in more ingredients at this stage to help add more body and flavour. However, a lighter colour beer may have lot more secondary malts and thus a higher sugar content. This sugar then factors into alcoholic content. In fact, while to fit some categories (which no one can agree

New kit launching today, Schwarzschmied Lagerbier

Today we are launching another new beer, this time a new lager though one pretty different than you’ll find in most pubs. It can be bought on its own or with our starter kit special so you can get brewing straight away. If you want a light coloured lager we still have our Logger’s Pine Lager on sale as well. Schwarzschmied Lagerbier Based on the German style Schwarzbier, Schwarzschmied Lagerbier has the lightness of lager with a subtle bitterness. While it has roots in Mumme ale, the first recorded Schwarzbier was produced in 1543 which used lager yeast rather than ale yeast. This seemingly odd mixture gives it qualities we would not usually expect of a dark beer. By being bubblier like a la

How long can I keep my homebrew before it goes off?

The simple answer, no one has any idea but that doesn’t mean you can just drink anything. Going out of date is a difficult concept with alcohol, they certainly can but many old beers are still completely drinkable while younger ones you wouldn’t want to touch. Generally, we advise to err on the side of caution. Defining off with any alcohol is difficult, many can be kept for years and some are even required to be, so that they reach their potential. It is partly why alcohol grew in popularity, the other reason being pretty obvious. For it to go off the contents have to break down or form something new that we don’t wish to consume. But how long or if this will happen can differ wildly betwee

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