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Jolly Juleøl Christmas Ale now in stock

A different take on Christmas ales than Merry Smithmas. For those which dislike of the cinnamon and nutmeg you can instead try a much more traditional drink. Jolly Juleol is a very heavy and dark beer, perfect for winter nights. The style has a very long history and makes it much more of a traditional option than your standard Christmas beers. " A dark and heavy Christmas beer, instead of spices it is more simple and stout-like. A more traditional Scandinavian style that can still make it feel like Christmas. Juleøl is pronounced J-U-EL, like saying jewel and Yule together. A lot of Christmas beers are not to everyone’s tastes, so here we are offering an alternative that might suit you bette

Merry Smithmas Ale Now in Stock

With Christmas around the corner we are launching our new Christmas ale. With all the spices you'd expect it is like someone has blended up a load of baubles and tinsel. We have more plans for Christmas beers as well, so if this isn't you type of thing stay tuned. "A strong Christmas beer that would make any reindeer’s nose turn red. Needs to stand a little longer than most beers to get a full spiced flavour. Although the concept of Christmas or winter festival beers isn’t new, our modern versions are quite detached from traditional beers drunk at the time. Instead they are an experiment to see how you can stuff all those things you only have at Christmas into a beer. A mixture of cinnamon,

Common Problems with Fermentation and how to Solve them

The fermentation is one of, if not the most important parts of the homebrewing process. It is where many key stages take place, but is also where a lot of things can go wrong. A lot of it though comes down to being patient and prepared. Yet there are ways you can affect the process, which much of the time comes down to how your fermenter is treated. Understanding how to use it is the main way you can make sure your homebrew is successful. The most common mistake I see people make with homebrew is temperature. At every stage it is possible to mess up, and when it goes wrong can have seriously damaging effects. Luckily at the fermentation stage it is not as risky, unless you somehow managed to

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