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Introducing Saisonneir’s ale

Today we have another new kit for you to try. Saisonneir's ale is a Belgian ale with a strong malty flavour and a little orange zest. It i certainly one of our more unique beers, but is also very refreshing when served chilled. You can check it out here, or read our description below.

A light and easy to drink ale. While not overly sweet, it is full of fruity flavour with a little spice to quench your thirst.

Originating from Wallonia (the southern French speaking part of Belgium), Saison was a drink for farm hands (Saisonniers) as they worked in the fields. Variations exist for many different types of workers, like Grisette for miners in the Hainutt province. But despite different names they were all mild, low in alcohol content and very easy to drink.

Perfect for a hard day’s work in the sun, but it was also brewed all year round. It is characterised by a strong malty flavour, not being overly hoppy and the unique flavour of Belgian yeast.

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