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Getting into homebrewing at Christmas

Many of you may be receiving homebrew kits or equipment for Christmas. It is certainly a novelty, but also lines up with many people’s interests. Homebrewing is not very difficult, but starting out you might feel a bit overwhelmed and really don’t want to ruin your first batch. So here we will focus on what to do with your first batch and what can go wrong, but we also have a range of other articles that can help beginner to experienced brewers. One thing to remember is that the ingredients last for a long time. So if you get the present early, or just never get around to it your kit should be fine. This may not be the case however if you store them in a warm and damp area. Like most food st

Buying Homebrew Kits as a Gift, What You need to Know

Buying gifts can be pretty hard at the best of times, but when it is for a hobby you know little about it is even harder. More and more people are homebrewing recently, so for a beer lover in your family it is a pretty good idea for a gift. They may already brew canned kits and wish to move onto something a bit more serious. Or perhaps they use to brew but fell out of practice. So here we’ll talk through what you’ll need to know before buying, and what is the right present to get. First you need to know what equipment you have or lack. Homebrewing doesn’t require a huge amount of tools, a lot of the equipment you’ll need is probably already in the back of your cupboards. Jug, cups and timers

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