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Making Your Homebrew More Alcoholic

Some homebrewers have a certain style they love making, others love to experiment while a few wish to perfect a certain recipe. But then there are some who simply wish to make these most alcoholic. Alcoholic content is measured in Alcohol by Volume, or ABV for short. There are many ways to increase ABV but you have to be careful while doing it. Brewing is like a little chemistry experiment, you have to balance it right to make sure the process goes the best it possibly can. One of the biggest factors is sugar, seeing as it is what we are going to be turning into alcohol. On the most basic of levels, sugars are the key limiting factor. If there is no sugar to convert to alcohol then it can’t

Differences and Misconceptions in Brewing Light and Dark Beers

Despite being such different styles of beer, light and dark beer are more similar than they are different. They are both beers after all. But at the same time the smallest change to a homebrew recipe can give very different results. While this article intends to go over some of the differences you will find, it will also clear up misconceptions you may have about brewing light and dark ales. The main difference emerges from the malts used. The longer grain is steeped in water, the more sugar will crystallise on the outside. The longer it is toasted, the darker it becomes as it moves through a range of flavours. You can see then how these combinations can create a huge range of flavours. And

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